Realistic Fembot Dolls with 'HUMAN' Skin

Realistic Fembot Dolls with 'HUMAN' Talk During Sex
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HIGH-TECH talking sex robot with multiple personalities, warm skin and the ability to learn is so realistic that she can have her own orgasms.



Roxxxy, the latest development in cyber-human technology, isn't just your average sex doll. She can be happy, become tired and "get in the mood" like any real human.


And with customisable hair, eyes and skin colour, she could be a dream girl for horny Brits.


Now New sex dolls are full functional anatomically correct sex robots. (click her for upate)



VR PORN and New interactive Virtual SexToy Gadgets


App Controlled Interactive Sex Toys For Long Distance Lover Over the Internet


Sex Robot inventor with doll live on London TV


Uncanny Lover: Building a Sex Robot

Uncanny Lover

Building a Sex Robot | Robotica

Love Me, Love My Sex Doll

Love Me, Love My Sex Doll

They say love is blind, but can it also be synthetic?


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